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Whose Australia ideas are they?

Hannah and I met at University in the 1990s and have been together ever since. We share a love for travel and spend much of our time thinking up the next place to go and explore.

We never did the backpacking thing, and, thanks to two successful-ish careers, these days prefer to tour in comfort!

Our first big holiday was a manic tour of America, back in 2004. We spent two weeks seeing Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Niagara Falls and New York - and we were hooked.

Nowadays, Hannah is a primary school teacher and I run my own software company. I had wanted to be a journalist or a photographer as a child, so a hobby site like this gives me the freedom to indulge those childhood fantasies a bit!

Since America, we spent three weeks visiting New Zealand and the Cook Islands - and then more recently Mauritius on honeymoon.

New Zealand has just breathtaking scenery. You become almost blasé about the vistas at every corner, but it is a truly special place and I'm sure we'll go back one day. The Cook Islands were very much the island paradise and we quickly became addicted to snorkelling there!

We got our own snorkelling gear for our honeymoon in Mauritius, along with an underwater case for our digital camera. That's my top tip for making sure you get the best out of it! It's not easy taking pictures underwater and certainly the film cameras do a pretty average job.

Australia was Hannah's choice. It had been her dream destination for years. An uncle of mine moved to Sydney when I was quite young and he'd been inviting me to go and visit ever since, but I was always put off by the snakes and spiders! Not any longer!

Following Australia, we're getting a bit of a reputation for it, intent as we are to enjoy life before settling down with a family. Our goal in life is to enjoy the journey and we want to make sure we have lots of good stories to tell!

We're often tempted by the idea of living a less stressful life abroad, somewhere in the sunshine. Trips like these are a great way of trying to decide where that might be! :o)

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