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Aussie Books We Enjoyed and Found Useful

All of these we personally bought, loved and would heartily recommend to help you plan and get into the spirit before you leave home!

Click the titles to link directly into Amazon who never fail to impress, or buy Lonely Planet Australia Guidebooks and Eyewitness Travel books direct.

AA Road Atlas : Australia

Price: £7.79 ISBN: 074954595X

Not so much for actually using as a road map, as the Tom Tom was so brilliant at that, but an excellent way to put together the rough outline route of what you are going to see and where it all is in relation to each other.

Eyewitness Travel Guide : Australia

Price: £16.99 ISBN: 1405314982

Really informative background reading and a great source of little tips on what to see and do.

Lonely Planet Country Guide : Australia

Price: £8.49 ISBN: 1741043107

The definitive Australia dictionary, with an excellent level of detail on all the stops.

Lonely Planet Regional Guide : Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef

Price: £13.99 ISBN: 1740594967

A more detailed look at Queensland in the same vein as the country guide, albeit with a level of overlap.

Drive Around Australia

Price: £10.55 ISBN: 1841578363

Off the beaten track routes to help make getting from A to B that little bit more interesting!

Bill Bryson - Down Under

Price: £6.99 ISBN: 055299703X

An amusing and accurate account of Bill Bryson's wanderings and observations on Australia.

Australia : Continent of Contrasts

Price: £35.00 ISBN: 3765816256

A coffee table book of simply stunning photography and something for us all to aspire to!

Holiday reading

With baggage restrictions getting tougher, maybe it's time for the avid readers amongst us to take a selection of electronic titles from eBooks.com with them, instead of the bag full of paper copies!

If you have enjoyed any that we haven't listed, please let us know.

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